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Monday, December 03, 2012

Prayer and Meditation on John 1:1-5

Prayer for the Christmas Season:  John 1:1-18

As we come to You at the beginning of this Advent
Season, O Lord God, we acknowledge that we do 
believe that Jesus of Nazareth is Your Only Begotten 
Son and is truly Lord and God of all Creation and 
One with You, the Father, and The Holy Spirit as 
One God and One Lord.

We believe that the Lord Jesus is the eternal Word and Wisdom of God and was with 
God and was God. You have never been without Your Only Begotten Son, O most 
High God, for You cannot be without Your Word and Your Wisdom.

We further confess and believe that all things in heaven and earth that are and were 
created are the works of Your eternal Word and Wisdom by the Holy Ghost and in 
Your Word and Wisdom all things consist and remain. There is nothing created that 
is not the work of Your hands, O Lord God, in wisdom and power.

O Lord God, all life comes from You in Your Word and Wisdom. This vast earth 
with its continents and seas are the works of Your hands and the life that we see all 
around us is sustained and beloved of You. You are also the life of the beings that 
we do not see that inhabit the heavens and the earth, the angels, the principalities 
and powers, for good and evil, are created by You and have their life from You.

All living things in heaven and in earth You have made in wisdom and power for 
the good and holy pleasure of Your will, which cannot change. You have made our 
Lord Jesus, Your eternal wisdom, to be unto us wisdom and righteousness and 
sanctification and redemption. We rejoice in You, O God, and believe in Jesus 
Christ Your Only Begotten Son and our Redeemer.

This light that shines in all that You have made--this light of Your Word and 
Wisdom--appears to all men. Our very life is the light that would show us the way 
if we were not blind and deaf to You and Your Wisdom. 

This light shines in the darkness of our minds and souls but we cannot see it for 
we are bound in sin and iniquity until You set us free by the mighty power of the 
Gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord and by the power of the Holy Spirit calling us 
out of darkness into the light of Your grace and mercy.

We believe that Your Only Begotten Son, Jesus of Nazareth, was born of the 
Virgin Mary precisely because You prepared Him a body in which He could 
offer up Himself to You as a sacrifice for our sins.  His blood turns away Your
wrath from Your people so that You could show to us the abundance of Your
mercy and grace in putting away our sins, reconciling truth and grace, that You
might be just and the justifier of all who believe the Gospel. 

This is our only hope and trust, but it is a solid one, because You have promised 
and sworn that all those who believe the Gospel will be saved. We praise and 
love Your Holy Name, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the Name in which we were 
baptized. In the Name of our Mediator and God, the Lord Jesus, Amen.
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