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Saturday, December 01, 2012

It's Ethics, Stupid.

It's Ethics, Stupid.

The problem is always ethics. America's problems are at root
ethical ones, and we have been flirting with the precipice for
decades. Ethical standards are scoffed at in every area of our
public life: government, economics, science, education, and

Michael Polanyi taught us that only the scientific guru is qualified
to know where the data should lead; no wonder the science is
bogus, from evolution to global warming, to homosexuality, to
alcoholism, to vaccination for measles that doesn't cause autism,
to bogus flat earth allegations, etc. Pseudo-Calvinists taught the
church the same thing; that careful scholarship is not necessary;
we know where the truth is and circular reasoning is the norm.

"Why listen to anybody or take counsel and advice? I have a good
heart; I cannot be wrong. The result is proof-texting to support the
opinions I already have.  I am secure in my box.  Now, if I can just
find a smaller one to crawl into."

Economics is based on greed and political influence, no matter
who is in power, for favors are shown to political allies and
cronies. Public education has become a public lobbying institution
for sorcery and socialism. Government service means hiding the
faults of your supporters, a double standard for your enemies,
and spending the public treasure to advance personal agendas
and corrupt social experiments.
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