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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Learn about Your Heritage

Instead of the lies of Noam Chomsky and other hypocrites, you should listen to this course from Hillsdale
College on the true meaning of American History. Those who say the founders were a bunch of white guys
who were just looking out for their interest are as stupid as the guy who said that the Twelve Apostles were
just a bunch of selfish Jews trying to take over the world. I feel sorry for you ...if you think like this, for it is a
dead end.   American Heritage. Free. You can also buy the nine hundred pages of
readings, but that is not required. Take some time to educate your family and friends; what they should have
been learning in school instead of global warming, Marxism, racist hatred, taking guns from decent people,
abortion rights, homosexual rights, thievery, and revolution. Don't put it off.

Why is Noam a hypocrite? because if it were not for the wisdom of the Founding Fathers, he wouldn't have
two nickels to rub together, no audience to hear his lies, and nobody to hate. He is like the agnostic who
makes a career attacking and hating God, with all the energy, breath, and cogency that God has gifted him
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