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Friday, March 08, 2013

Thinking with your Greed-Genes.

I was wrong yesterday when I said that the worst thing about socialism is that it deprives you of the best use
of your money. That isn't so.

The worst thing is that it is a system designed by unbelief to try to bring salvation to men from every human 
ill, with no regard to moral choices, economic choices, or faith. It flies in the face of God and His curse upon 
mankind for the sin of Adam. It is a Tower of Babel designed to prevent us from being scattered abroad 
over the face of the earth. It pretends that there is no curse from God and tries to find the blame in 
conspiracies and a few powerful totally depraved people, taking the onus off of the rest of us, letting us feel 
righteous and superior in our professed lack of selfishness and greed. The evil in the world is the greed of the 
few, says socialism, and if economic goods could be taken from these evil few, and distributed to all, then all 
would be good and decent and love one another.

To socialism the curse is poverty and has nothing to do with God, if He exists. It has to do with the rich who 
are bad, not good like us. It does not have anything to do with the Ten Commandments, but everything to do 
with inequality of goods and opportunity. "Christian socialism" is an oxymoron.

The whole thing is a lie. It makes man's rebellion against God even worse, for it refuses repentance and faith 
and rejects God's diagnosis that out of the heart proceed the issues of life, not from economic condition. 
Jesus didn't have a place to lay His head, but He didn't teach equality of goods.

Yes, there are evil rich men. There are also some very evil denizens of the slums and the streets of the cities 
of the world. If you don't think so, wait until they are turned loose in the world by revolutionary self-seekers 
to burn the suburbs and "take what's theirs."

Socialism offers a false savior. It is, hence, antichrist, and has the curse of God upon it. Only that is blessed 
which God has blessed; and only that is cursed which God has cursed.

Some of you pietists out there who think with your greed-gene, will try to remind me of Acts 4:32-37. Yep, I 
said you couldn't think. When I see you giving all your money to the church in order to spread the gospel to 
the end of the world, then I will begin to take you seriously, for that is what happened in Acts. It was not a 
permanent condition or law. I won't [take you seriously] as long as you are taking other people's money in 
order to spread the moral-relativism of socialism to the ends of the world.

Don't cite European nations. How has the faith of Christ fared in the nations dedicated to socialism? Ah! I 
didn't think so.

The issue is not economics; it is faith and morality.
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