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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Beware What You Raise from the Dead!

Yes, dead orthodoxy needs awakened. But beware. If you abandon orthodoxy in the
attempt you will awaken the zombie of humanism, the walking dead.

Or worse, you may awaken disassociated body parts of orthodoxy, and you will wish
for the zombies, with all those body parts of Christianity cluttering up the religious
landscape. God may raise some zombies to clean up the mess.

Not everyone is qualified to raise the dead. Jesus comes to mind. Prayers will do far
more good than revolution and agitation and humanism patchwork.

Besides, how can any body call itself orthodox if it has an orthodox creed that it pays
no attention to. Shall it get better by abandoning its creed for irrationalism and
individualism, both tenets of humanism?

By far the greatest number of people I have met in my 79 years of age who went about
trying to resurrect "dead orthodoxy" were so dead themselves that they couldn't
recognize orthodoxy when they saw it.  They confused noise for light and riot for
life. What they wanted was a new religion that kissed Christ's cheek while giving Him
over to the executioners.

You want life.  Get into a church with an orthodox creed and constitution and start
living by both of them.  Keep the commandments and your vows.  Speak the truth. The
dead revolutionaries will try to send you to the executioners, too, just as they did
Him.   They enjoy gnawing the bones of disassociated body part.
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