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Friday, December 26, 2003

Dave Shiflett on Lawyers on National Review Online: "No one should underestimate the dismay 'personal responsibility' strikes in the heart of some trial lawyers. The plaintiff's bar works long and hard to ensure clients are not held responsible for their own injuries. In some states, for example, seat-belt information -- did the plaintiff fail to buckle his seatbelt, which might that have prevented him from sailing through the windshield? -- is difficult, if not impossible, to admit as evidence. When someone pours hot coffee in her own lap, the temperature of the coffee becomes the issue"

Isn't this the height of irresponsibility to the law by the lawyers themselves? Their greed will be their undoing, for no system can endure that loses the moral high ground. The moral rot will destroy the profession itself, just as it destroys doctors who embrace the right-to-death philosophy of abortion and euthanasia. This is a disturbing article. Of course, the modern church ignores or denies the doctrine of hell for precisely this reason: it is much too personal. It is better to have a collective hell of global warming, nuclear war, silent spring, or ??. Did Jesus mean by his words, "Judge not" that we are to deny the image of God in ourselves and others, and become blind leaders of the blind. See my article on this subject at the Basket of Figs site: Judge Not!
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