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Saturday, December 27, 2003

A good article by Michael Novak on the truth of the Chistmas message. Not a perfect article, but a good one. Every Christian should rejoice that subjects that were out of the public agenda before 9/11 are back in the public eye. Are all faiths equally valid. Unbelievers like Dawkins would say that they are all equally spurious, that only his faith in science is valid. Those who piously hold irrationally to the validity of the objective "truth" of science are rabidly intolerant of those who disagree. Those who deny moral truth and think that the spirit of man is the activity of chemicals and molecules are the dangerous ones, but they will disappear in the religious wars of the 21st century, wars that began ib 9/11. See my article on Where Is the Soul?

Michael Novak on Christmas on National Review Online: "Recently, British scientist Richard Dawkins was described as 'an atheist, and a strenuous and militant and proud one.' (One does not hear often of humble atheists, but they do appear.) 'He thinks religious belief is a dangerous virus, and that it is a crime to infect the mind of a child with it.' He calls religions 'dangerous collective delusions' and 'sinks of falsehood.' He especially regrets the public influence of religion: 'He is made apoplectic by the pontifications of religious 'leaders' on such questions as whether human clones would be fully human.' For Dawkins, in short, 'Religion is superstition, like astrology, alternative medicine, and the rest.'"
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