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Friday, January 30, 2004

Grove City College: "As one who spends time studying such matters, this advice puzzled me. Surely, Dr. Phil knows that the research concerning genetic factors in homosexuality is inconclusive. Has he never heard of LUGs (lesbians until graduation) that recently populate college campuses? If anything the research shows an environmental component must be involved in the development of homosexual orientation. To wit, a recent study of genetically identical twins in the Journal of Personality & Social Psychology found that the participants were quite dissimilar when it came to sexual orientation. Consider the study's male identical twin pairs: if one twin was gay, then only 20 percent of the time was the other twin gay. Female twins were alike only 24 percent of the time. With 76 percent to 80 percent discordance rates, environment must play some, and I suspect, pretty significant role in creating the differences."
Don't buy into the politically correct--but morally and spiritually wrong--opinion that sodomy is genetic. It is a chosen behavior.
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