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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Vietnam stance irks veterans: "Like Kerry, I have a couple of medals, but who has what medal among combat veterans doesn't make a dime's worth of difference between us. What matters is that we are, for the rest of our life, brothers who kept faith with one another in a miserable war.
A young Kerry, however, broke faith with his brothers when he returned to the United States. With the financial aid of Jane Fonda, he led highly visible protests against the war. He wrote a book that many considered to be pro-Hanoi, titled 'The New Soldier.'
The cover photo of his book depicted veterans in a mismatch of military uniforms mocking the legendary image of Marines raising the American flag atop Mount Suribachi in the 1945 battle for Iwo Jima, holding the American flag upside down."

We are still paying a price for the moral and spiritual disasters of the 1960's. I hated the era then, and I hate it now. I don't like rock and roll in church, pot smokers, tattered blue jeans, zithers, feminism, the queer nation, and wimpy folk singers with soft voices.
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