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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Michael Ledeen on War on Terror on National Review Online: "The cooperative strategy evidently included the secret transfer of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction to neighboring countries. According to a recent statement by Nizar Nayouf, a brave Syrian journalist who was arrested and tortured for a decade after criticizing Hafez al Assad's brutalities, Iraqi WMDs were hidden in three primary locations in Syria. He has provided maps of the secret locations, which he says came from dissident elements at high levels of the Syrian military and intelligence services. (He has also claimed that billions of dollars from Saddam's personal stash were smuggled into Syrian and Lebanese banks, and these claims have been substantially verified). And last October, the CIA was indirectly approached by a man who claimed to have carried a quantity of enriched uranium from Iraq to Iran four years ago. He offered to take American inspectors to the secret underground laboratory from which the uranium was taken, but the CIA declined the offer. Someone might ask David Kay why, after initial enthusiasm, he changed his mind and decided not to look."

Why is it that modern dreamers can imagine the most ludicrous conspiratorial theories [We fought Iraq to steal their oil!!], when the evidence for hard nosed understanding of the real evil we face is overlooked. It looks like a generation or two of hate America and Christianity in the public schools bears fruit in our day. People who have been indoctrinated by hatred and vitriol do not think clearly. The left wing in America is as mad with vicious dreams as those who urge jihad against us.

But neither will succeed. But I expect a lot of blood will be shed.
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