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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

John Leo: Not wedded to the law: "Even California bureaucrats who visit the city for only an hour or two are apt to contract SFD [San Francisco Disease] and go around marrying gay couples or applying racial quotas, though state law explicitly forbids both. In California, voters approved propositions on these issues, and such propositions trump everything, even votes in the Legislature. But once the fever of SFD descends, officials listlessly lose interest in laws that conflict with their personal beliefs."
But there is no absolute truth. The Bible doesn't mean what it says and certainly cannot be binding on us. Neither is the Constitution. And mothers and fathers? You have to be kidding. The only absolute the modern world knows is the truth of its desires. Kids learn early that if they throw a tizzy fit, parents will cave in, principles will run scared, and politicians will launch an investigation. Uncivil civil disobedience will get you where you want in a hurry, baby. What does the law matter? Even Supreme Courts snuff the constitution in order to find abortion rights and other absurdities. Words don't mean nuttin, baby, when I want to do what I want to do. These babies are still complaining about the Bush election, legal though it was. The law doesn't matter, and hasn't for a long time, except for those who make themselves nuisances.
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