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Friday, March 12, 2004

Telegraph | Opinion | Hearts and minds are being lost: "How did the American and British governments lose the battle of hearts and minds? How can Terry Waite get away with saying that the Americans are as bad as his Beirut kidnappers? Any attempt by either government to protect its citizens from further terrorist attacks or to try to foil potential suicide bombers is now seen as Draconian."
In the first place, it isn't lost. Watch what happens after the Spain tragedy sinks in. See what happens if there is another major attack in the U. S.

But if it were lost, you can be sure that the lib press will blame everyone but itself. How did people know what Terry Waite said? For me, I don't think he has any more sense than John Kerry. There are a lot of fools who have suffered tragedy in their lives. Suffering doesn't equate with understanding or knowledge. But it does sell papers, and that is why the press prostitutes itself. Why did the press quote him and not American patriots who lost sons and daughters in Iraq, and still support the war on terror. Selective reporting is what is destroying the credibility of the public press in England and in America, but truth is the daughter of time. Click here
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