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Monday, April 12, 2004

Jay Bryant: Newsweek Misses Tax Freedom Day: "So let me summarize. Newsweek identified three families, one of which made $32,400 in 2003, the second $73,411 and the third $194,000. Each of the three was quoted, bitching about how they hadn't gotten anything out of the Bush tax cuts. But the Times analysis shows that the single-income-mom low income family actually benefited $1,000, or 45% from the cuts, while the middle income folks saved $2,800 (44%) and the high income earners, who told Newsweek all the tax cut benefits must have gone to the 'major corporations who are downsizing and outsourcing,' received at least $6,899 in Bush tax reductions."
People will lie to get on the news. Won't they?
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