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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Religious violence that erupted in the Nigerian state of Plateau a few
weeks ago has resulted in the deaths of eight pastors and 1,500
Christian believers, and the destruction of 173 churches. The Christian
Association of Nigeria (CAN) released the names of the martyred pastors
who served Baptist, Anglican, Roman Catholic, Assemblies of God and the
Evangelical Reformed congregations, as well as the Church of Christ in
Nigeria and the Evangelical Church of West Africa. Nigeria’s National
Emergency Management Agency reported that religious violence in Plateau
and Nasarawa states has resulted in the displacement of 25,000 people.
Compass Direct reports: “About 50,000 displaced persons who managed to
escape the hostility have temporarily relocated to some parts of this
state,” placing enormous pressure on local resources. On March 28,
Muslim-Christian violence broke out in the state of Nasarawa,
reportedly claiming the lives of 15 Christians.
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