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Saturday, April 17, 2004

New York Daily News - Ideas & Opinions - Editorials: Spitting in the eye of terror: "Quattrocchi, 35, was a former baker who went to Iraq late last year to work as a security guard for oil pipelines. His goal: to earn enough money to marry his fiancee, buy a house and start a family. His fate: to be kidnapped, held hostage and slaughtered. A tape of his murder shows that as his killers held a gun to his head, Quattrocchi struggled to free himself, not of his bonds, but of the hood that covered his face. He wanted to look death in the eye. His last, defiant words were: 'Now I'll show you how an Italian dies.'"

"Quattrocchi did more than that. He showed how a courageous person lives, just as America and its allies will continue to demonstrate how fearless nations live."

What a noble and courageous oil worker! We are proud to have such men as our allies in the war against terror, and that there are such men is the reason we will prevail!
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