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Friday, July 30, 2004 / News / Boston Globe / Opinion / Op-ed / An uphill battle: "Saddam's outrages will be paraded on live American TV, reinforcing the idea that the Iraq war, no matter what the misrepresentations and blunders, was justified. Of course, nobody is debating whether Saddam was a vicious tyrant. The issue is whether America should have rushed to war on false information, without allies, and without a competent plan for the aftermath. Still, a September show trial will be a Bush propaganda coup."
These guys are shameless. We didn't rush--how many UN resolutions were there? Without allies? You mean without the French and Germans. We had a coalition of thirty-some nations, was it? There was a plan for the aftermath and it is working relatively well, if the rebels were not constantly encouraged by the traitors at home. But the Democrats are still hoping for disaster in Iraq, because they are willing for America to endure anything, so long as Democrats are returned to power. But it won't happen.

And yes, the war was justified, no matter what reputed false information and blunders. These guys remind me of the ultra right wing after WWII, who continued to accuse FDR and Truman of being traitors, leading us into an unjustified war against Hitler, who wasn't really all that terrible. You still hear those who say that Hitler did not kill Jews, and if he did, it was probably justified. Now the conspiracy talk is coming from the far left, but the Jew still gets it in the neck. Did you hear that Jews are fleeing from France? They are, you know.
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