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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Mike S. Adams: I had an abortion!: "The columnist who sent me that link also asked 'what do you think about Planned Parenthood selling t-shirts that celebrate abortion?' Well, here's what I think:
I think that the notion that abortion should be 'safe, legal, and rare' was never really the position of Al Gore, the Democrats, or Planned Parenthood. ..."
Clink on the link above to read the rest of Dr. Adam's fine article. The New Planned Parenthood t-shirts proclaimed "I Had an Abortion." The agenda of the baby-killers is the same as that of sodomites: full acceptance and preference for their position. Often in the name of Christ they war on Christ and they war on His people. Don't be deceived. The tolerance they want is tolerance for their ideas only. Tolerance is preached in order to gain power, but when the power is gained, no other views are tolerated. Is anyone surprised that on Professor Adam's campus the position of not debating abortion means than only baby-killers will be heard.
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