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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A Thoughtful and Careful Analysis of the Real Haters

FYI, but read the whole article.

The hate cure - The Washington Times: Editorials/OP-ED - July 28, 2004: " No, I think the clever boys and girls in the backroom of the Democratic Party have created a monster in this carefully manufactured Bush-hatred. Let's remember where this hatred started � in Florida. From Al Gore, through the Democratic National Committee and into the mouths of rank-and-file Democratic congressmen and senators, the word went out that the Democratic Party would not respect the election results. They methodically asserted that Mr. Bush was illegitimately in office because Mr. Gore actually got more votes in Florida. Even after the major liberal media outlets did their own recount and found Mr. Bush won Florida fair and square, the knowingly false charge was slammed into the brains of Democratic Party true believers. Mr. Bush was 'selected, not elected' became the slogan.
They carefully nurtured this resentment into a small hatred. Then they compounded it by ridiculing the president's intelligence � even though Mr. Bush got better grades at Yale than Al Gore, while still enjoying a vigorous frat life. They repeated endlessly their contempt for Mr. Bush's Christian faith � which apparently induces contempt and hatred among the Democratic Party faithful.
And all of this was before Iraq. This carefully cultivated little hatred was elevated to industrial strength with the accusations that Mr. Bush lied his way into war. While disproven by bipartisan findings, the charges persist. Mr. Gore accused Mr. Bush of 'betraying' the country. Mr. Kerry used the word lie just enough to keep his lunatic pack happy. "
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