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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

OpinionJournal - Featured Article: "Given Mr. Berger's role (until he resigned yesterday) as a Kerry adviser, surely this is something worth debating. And if the missing memos say what Mr. Ashcroft has hinted they do, we can well understand why Mr. Berger would want to keep them in his trousers during a crucial election year. "
Mr. Berger must go to jail. And, if there was a conspiracy involving ex-president Bill Clinton to obscure the record of the Clinton administration, then Bill Clinton ought to go to jail also. Let him laugh all the way to jail. This may very well involve treason against the United States during a time of war. It is no small matter to compromise the security of the United States.

This is far worse than what our service men and women did at the prison in Iraq, and it should be getting the chicken abuse off the front page.

New motto:  Free Martha Stewart; to jail with Sandy Berger.
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