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Wednesday, August 11, 2004 / News / Boston Globe / Opinion / Op-ed / Women count more than NASCAR dads
These women don't vote in proportion to other women. They are enormously concerned about their financial freedom. Many of them refuse to take on the responsibilites of home and marriage, and refuse the traditional Christian obligation to love husbands and children. Although there are many reasons in individual cases why this is so, the over riding reason that America's women are at risk, is because of the rejection of traditional Christian roles in marriage.

They "scape by on less than $30K a year."

This author's solution is for Kerry to promise to take care of these people. Ain't it wunnerful. We ain't gonna live in marriage and submission, but Kerry will take care of all of us. Let the taxpayer be married to all of them.

It is well known in high places that easy divorce laws are a disaster for the common person, and truly benefit only rich men. Rich men who make our laws want easy divorce so they can dump their aging spouses and get something snappier and younger.

But the reality is, that there is a large number of single women who by nature need to be taken care of by husbands and responsible men in their lives [Ok, you radical femlibs, let me have it, but it is the truth.] If this was not their nature they would be conservatives and not looking to government for welfare, minimum wages, etc. They would truly be able to take care of themselves. The godly woman in such a case, without a man in her life through the providence of God, finds the support she needs in the eldership of the church, who is responsible to care for those who are widows indeed.

The ungodly woman abandons her husband and her babies and flees to the state, the true god of all the ungodly. She expects the state to take care of her and meet all her needs, or the needs of her babies if she is no so wicked as to abandon them also.

These women ARE potentially more important politically than NASCAR dads. That's the shame of it.

My wife and I went to the polls yesterday in Colorado's primary. As we left, my wife said, "I never vote for a woman for anything. They just want to take care of everybody." Ain't it the truth. A woman out of office wants someone to take care of her. A woman in office wants to take care of others. Either way, the result is dangerous for the state.

Men need to be taught that they have a responsibility to marry, establish families, and take care of them. A man who does not do this has denied the faith of Christ and is worse than an infidel. Women need to be taught that they have a duty to marry, keep the family, honor their husbands and live in godly fear, in quietness and peace. The ungodly man dumps his wife and children on the state and taxpayer; the ungodly woman refuses to honor and obey her husband, and then looks to the state for support. It is an ungodly and wicked system.
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