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Thursday, August 12, 2004

The New Republic Online: Frontal Assault: "These ads, along with next week's publication of Unfit to Command, an anti-Kerry book by the senator's longtime nemesis John O'Neil, mark the opening salvo in the right's assault on Kerry's character. In response, the Kerry campaign should do the political equivalent of steering a swift boat into enemy fire: sue SBVT for libel."
Wonderful idea. You go, boy. May if there was a lawsuit the judge would order Kerry's military record released. Then we would have hard evidence of who is lying. I think we already know, and I think the left knows, just as they knew that Clinton was a lying fornicator. They just didn't care, for who cares about lies and fornicatin'? It's power that matters. And you need power if you are going to keep the right to kill babies and have sodomite marriage. This is the real agenda.
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