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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Doctors of Death.

I mean the trial lawyers. They scour the world for victims. They launch class actions suits over exagerated and trumped up offenses, huge class actions suits against profitable corporations with deep pockets. The result: a few dollars for each of the victims, billions of dollars for the lawyers, and very often the death of an industry. No wonder the jobs go overseas.

Now they want to do it to American democracy. After the Florida election four years ago, Gore's henchmen descended upon Forida to search out victims, institute lawsuits, seeking his own advantage rather than the health of the institutions, refusing to follow the salutary example of Richard Nixon, a man more noble than he.

We are reaping the results today. If this election is close, the doctors of death will descend upon--not only Florida--but any other state that is close. They will manufacture--by their own admission--incidents of voter intimidation.

It was a lie in Florida, and it will be a lie today. But Al Gore and his henchmen could not bear to admit that they had lied about fraud in Florida. They have pretended the fraud was real--against every investigation made. They have defended the lie, allowed their rage to grow because of the lie, and campaigned in terms of the lie, and like a small boy caught in a lie, tried to divert attention from the lie by the intensity of their rage and outrage.

They are doctors of death. They pretend love of the truth and compassion for the poor, but their greed rules all. "The tender mercies of the wicked are cruel," Solomon wrote. If we get much more trial lawyer compassion, the nation will not survive.

They will sue democracy out of business. Self-government will be outsourced to the United Nations and world law, decided by the gangsters, thieves, and murderers that rule the member nations.

But the trial lawyers do not care. They get paid even if the patient dies.
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