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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Social Influence of Christianity vs. Islam: "Actually, the word 'peace' in the political sense (as the opposite of war) is 'suth' in Arabic, while 'salaam' means mental tranquility. True, 'salaam' and 'Islam' have the same root. So do in English the words 'mission' and 'submission,' but their meanings are different. 'Islam' means 'submission' or 'pacification.' A foreign nation is 'pacified' by Islamic war until the nation submits and thus gains 'salaam' 'mental tranquility.'"

This is a very important article. Islam uses doublespeak just like the old Soviet Union. When the Communist said "I believe in peace," he meant "I believe in the conquest of the world by the armies of the people" because he did not believe there could be peace until communism ruled the world.

This is exactly what Islam believes. Don't believe the ideas of "peace." It would be harmless if they expected to win by the triumph of ideas, but that is not what they mean. We should welcome a dialogue and conversation, but when they start blowing up buildings our response should be swift, sure, and devastating.
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