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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Mike S. Adams: Why Johnny's sociology professor is a Marxist:

"1. Which leader killed more Jews in the 20th century: a) Joseph Stalin or, b) Adolph Hitler?
2. Which of the following is more perplexing: a) A Jewish professor who calls herself a Marxist or, b) A black professor who calls himself a Klansman?
3. Whose idea was it to turn over Eastern Europe to Stalin after winning it from Hitler: a) Franklin Delano Roosevelt or, b) His advisor (and Soviet spy) Alger Hiss?
4. Which worldview is true: a) The Biblical perspective that human nature is flawed (to the point where utopia is impossible) or, b) The sociological perspective that we are inherently good until corrupted by society?
5. Which problem is harder for sociologists to explain: a) The logical assertion that inherently good people combine to form a 'bad' society that, in turn, corrupts previously good people or, b) The empirical fact that sociologists consistently explain around ten percent of the variance in delinquency while refusing to use the term 'free will' to explain the other 90% of the variance.
6. And (regarding question #5, part 'b') how can the team scoring one run be called the 'winner' against a team scoring nine runs?"


Mike Adams is my favorite college professor. The above are questions you should ask your Marxist professor if you are in college.
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