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Friday, March 25, 2005

Lawyer Invokes Easter in Call for Terri Schiavo's Death -- GOPUSA: "( -- Prior to a new hearing by the U.S. District Court in Tampa, Fla., on Thursday, the attorney for Michael Schiavo invoked the commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ while calling on Terri Schiavo's parents to end their efforts to save their daughter's life.

"'We believe it's time for that to stop as we approach this Easter weekend,' noted 'right-to-die' attorney, author and activist George Felos told a throng of gathered television cameras, 'and that Mrs. Schiavo be able to die in peace.'"
"By your words you will be condemned," is the way Jesus put it. So it's "Mrs. Schiavo," huh? Dying "in peace" it is, eh? Who are these apostate and depraved lawyers and "scientists" who have the wisdom and knowledge to decide when life is of such low quality that it can be terminated? Terri Schiavo's only crime is being unable to tell the world what a scum her husband is. So she must die. She is being starved to death. Every judge who remained silent these past days is complicent in her murder.

I think we ought to remove life support from Charles Manson. There are some others who come to mind, also. Sirhan Sirhan? Pretty low and depraved people whose lives are far below the value of Terri Schiavo.

Why limit abortion at all? Let's extend it to sixteen years old at least, for many teenagers live lives of limited value. Why should parents be constrained to feed and clothe and tend these hideous people? Why are they allowed to crawl between heaven and earth?

And the nursing homes? Ever been there lately? Why should these people be allowed to live lives of such low quality? Many of them cannot breathe on their own and carry oxygen bottles from place to place. I spare you more disgusting details. We need to kill them all, if we are ever going to have a beautiful and good society.

Let release Jack Kevorkian from prison and put him on the Supreme Court, and his picture on our currency and coins. He is one of the few among us who knows when people ought to die and we should take advantage of his expertese.

But what if they are innocent? and justice has miscarried? Yes, and what if Terri Schiavo is conscious at some level? But so many learned people have entered evidence in her case? Yes, and what if they are wrong. Why bleed for these others and not bleed for her?

She has been of some value, however. Her husband will inherit a good deal of money, and she has caused America to look at who is really governing America. Is isn't the Bushes and it isn't the state legislature and not the federal legislature. Rotten, depraved judges, whose lives are of far less worth than Terri Schiavo's. These are the scum who have stolen our livlihood and property for spotted owls and preble jumping mice, given us abortion on demand, corrupted our schools with evolution and communism, protected outlaws who call themselves college professors, refused protection for our borders, placed our laws under foreign philosophies and corruption, extended American rights to terrorists and prisoners of war and those who would destroy those rights, and destroyed our families and Christian marriage. They have turned our schools into advocacy for the sodomite agenda, for international socialism, and confiscation of wealth.

If the Republicans do not do whatever is necessary to get decent judges, then America, instead of being the hill from which light goes to all the world, will be the hill where antichrist dwells, who kingdom corrupts the whole world, filling the world with sodomy, persecution, blood, theft. The judges are in contempt of Congress and the President and it is high time for both these branches of government to return the nation to a true division of power, by limiting the jurisdiction of federal courts, and scrapping those courts that do not comply. They have these powers under the Constitution and they need to assert them, by force if necessary.

The Republican Senators, instead of worrying about the future of their own little precious club, need to be thinking about the future of the republic, of their own famlies and friends. Do you think that Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, Hilary, and the rest of the internationalist socialist sodomite lying lobby will spare any conservative and Christian ideal if they ever gain power back through the corrupt judiciary? It is time for Republicans to stop worrying about being liked by liberal senators who have no morals and no faith and do what needs to be done to restore the fundamental liberties of life, liberty, and property, for without these there is no pursuit of happiness.

If we are descended from the scum in a prehistoric pond, why does any life have any value? Why get excited about school children killing each other? Why care how anyone lives their lives? Why get excited if school boys don Nazi dress and think about guns and death constantly? Stalin is equal to Hitler is equal to Richard Nixon is equal to FDR is equal to Mother Teresa is equal to Buddha is equal to Saint John. It all comes from that prehistoric scum. We are all scum, we act like scum. Scum we are and to scum we will return. Why should parents feed their kids? Just because of some inherited instinct from baboons? Why does any life have any meaning?

Revelation 12:12 "Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time."
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