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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Profits Up 80% For Quarter At Time Warner: "NEW YORK -- Time Warner Inc., the world's largest media company, said third-quarter profits jumped 80 percent on rising sales at its cable TV unit. The company will more than double its share buybacks, to $12.5 billion."

Big media obscene profits. These profits should be taken from Time Warner and given as a rebate to everyone who advertizes in Time or who bought any product from Time Warner. Why should they get to keep these profits? This is gouging. Access to cheap news and entertainment is just as important as access to cheap gasoline, I would think. I think they are manipulating the price of the news and entertainment.

No wonder they support their pet senators, congressmen, presidents, and other officials. With these guys in their back-pocket Time Warner will continue to gouge the American people and manipulate the news and entertainment for their own dirty profits. We obviously need more laws. 12.5 billion, indeed. Shameful, and on the backs of the American people. Think how many poor people could be fed with that money.
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