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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

RealClearPolitics - Commentary - Fishing License Indictment by Thomas Sowell: "There is no need to demonize Mr. Fitzgerald. What really needs serious re-examination are laws under which special prosecutors are issued unlimited fishing licenses to go see if they can trip someone up on inconsistencies in their statements about something that was not even a crime in the first place."
Thomas Sowell is a very smart American. He is also a very smart conservative American. Further, he is a very smart conservative black American. He is among the elite thinkers in America and it would be good to read everything he writes.

He gives good reasons why the office of special prosecuter should be sent to the some obscure graveyard like Dead Links R.I.P and never resurrected again. We have a justice department who can handle any legitimate claim of wrong-doing in Washington. There are also state departments of justice.

The special prosecuter is the invention of the hippy generation of the sixties who wanted to "get" Richard Nixon. Its evils have been predictible and bipartisan. Get rid of it.
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