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Monday, January 02, 2006

NY Times 'Stonewalling' on NSA Leak: "New York Times executives are 'stonewalling' on questions about the paper's decision to publish top secret information about the Bush administration's use of the National Security Agency to conduct surveillance operations against terrorists, the paper's public editor charged on Sunday."

Stonewalling? STONEWALLING? The New York Times?

That's what Republican Presidents do, isn't it? Didn't they accuse Reagan of stonewalling on Iran-Contra? Didn't Nixon stonewall on Watergate in those glorious, golden years of Baby-boomerism?

How can it be?

Hey, Old Grey Lady. Times have changed. Liberals cannot get away with lying about Republicans anymore. Some blogger will call your bluff. I know, I know. Bloggers aren't real "journalists." They don't get paid for lying about Republicans. Isn't that what a "journalist" is trained to do.
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