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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Telegraph | News | Putin sends a shiver through Europe: "Russia took Europe to the brink of a winter energy crisis yesterday when it carried out a Cold War-style threat and halted gas deliveries to Ukraine, the main conduit for exports to the West."
We should caution Europe, especially Germany and France, from doing anything but talk about this at the U.N. Oil is not worth the life of one French soldier and Europe will just have to show love to Russia, because they must have done something.

Even worse, Putin's quarrel is not even with Europe, but with the Ukraine, who is turning toward the West after the Orange Revolution in 2004. Why should Putin not like that. Does he not like Europe?

France and the other European countries should take some time to do some real heart searching, to try to find out what they have done to make the Russians not like them. They have tried to repent of past colonialism and Christianity, but who knows? Maybe some remnant of elitism or something--maybe riches or something--hm. They should really think about it.

It might be that France was much to harsh on their Islam citizens recently, or maybe not hard enough. Who knows the Russian mind? But they should think about it.
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