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Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Best Friends

I have some of the most godly and wonderful friends 
in the world. They are very wise and I seriously consider 
everything they say to me. They have never led me 
astray, though sometimes they are over my head and 
I do not understand. But I find by listening carefully 
they will explain each other and they never disagree 
with each other, and never quarrel.

At the top of the list are some old fr
iends called 
Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. Paul is wonderful and 
practical as is James. I am not sure of one of them, 
but I suspect it may be Paul in disquise. Peter will 
not be ignored, nor Jude.

Others are wonderful, but they speak in riddles, 
sometimes, for they wrote in dim light. Moses is 
Majestic, Sweet poetry and philosophy comes 
from Job, David, and Solomon. There are historians 
whose names nobody knows and many prophets 
among the circle.

Many years ago I found out that they all heard 
from One who has now gone to Heaven. That is 
why they are so wise, because they got their words 
from Him.

I have learned that it is very smart for me not to 
talk much when they speak. They are very mannerly 
and only speak when you want them to. I wonder 
how stupid it is for me to have other friends who 
don't know what they are talking about. I have 
learned a lot from others who have listened to them 
and meditated much about their words. This second 
circle of friends are people in the first rank like St. 
Augustine, John Calvin, Herman Witsius, Francis 
Turretin, Herman Bavinck, Casper Olevianus, 
Zacharias Ursinus, and others that I see once in a 
while. I have some new friends, but their greatest 
value is helping me see what the others were talking 

There are some very old wise men I would like to 
meet, but I cannot speak their language and translators 
are hard to find. It is very hard to leave the presence 
of such, especially those of the first rank, to be with 
people like the Tonight Show or MSNBC or the blind 
like Plato.

There are people who make fun of them and of those 
who read them and call it "book larnin." I am sorry 
for them and wish they knew those of the first rank, 
who are the most friendly to those who would listen 
to them.

I write this for the few who read this that might desire 
to make some of these your friends. They are easy to 
find, especially now in the modern world and they are 
much cheaper than a college education that will cost 
you much and teach you little.
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