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Friday, April 19, 2013

Arrested for Witness.

A Personal Testimony from a Close Friend

I have had the unfortunate opportunity to see some pretty grisly
baby parts in dumpsters in new Orleans when _____ was a baby. I

went with a girlfriend to a Pro-Life conference there. At the time
Operation Rescue was just getting off the ground.

After seeing the truth in front of my own face I made the decision

to get more involved. I was a counselor for Right To Life at that
time as well. We went to abortion mills in LA and San Bernardino.

I have never in my life felt evil on my skin and surrounding me like

a iron blanket. We would pray and try to sing hymns and songs
while sitting there waiting for victims to come to the killing
factories. I would cry for days.

When I finally got arrested in San Bernadino, they were beginning

to charge certain ones with RICO crimes. Having a young family at
the time I prayed to God to tell me what I should do. Pastor
_______ went to court with me many times. He was such a comfort
to me and the group.

God finally showed me that I must take care of my family first and

do counseling and praying/educating, things like that. My heart
breaks for these babies and their mothers.

Well, now that our children are grown, I wonder what God will ask

of me. What ever it is, I pray He will give me strength to give hope
through Christ to these women.

To ANYONE who needs to hear the truth. Thanks for posting that

article about that devil of a man [Gosnell, the Philadelphia
abortionist]. I pray people will take the time and guts to read
it. In Christ, __________
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