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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Child of God, Do not be dismayed.

It has seemed worse for Bible believers.  Wycliffe discredited; Huss burned.  Tyranny reigned everywhere.

Conclusion: "Never had official religion been at a lower ebb, or the public image of Christianity more
defaced, than in the second decade of the sixteenth century. It seems as though all opposition to the
unreformed Catholic church from within and without was dying away. The Fifth Lateran Council met
in Rome in 1512 and hear the orator declare: 'Now nobody contradicts, no one opposes.' The Medici
Pope Leo X ascended the papal throne in 1513 with the quip: 'Now that we have attained the papacy,
let us enjoy it.'

"The Lateran Council ended on a note of complacent self-congratulation in March 1517
[, scarce seven months before a solitary German monk, who had found the way for the conscience to
have peace with God would shake the church to its very foundation.] The peace of the Christian
world seemed assured. But the seeds of renewal had been sown, the harvest of Reformation was at
hand. In October of that same year, in an obscure province of the Empire, one roused German
conscience was stung into protest--and the great revolution began." (Lion Handbook) p. 356

God has not abandoned His world.  Be faithful unto death and you will receive a crown of life.

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