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Wednesday, October 22, 2003 Home US: "A senior Pentagon official on Wednesday insisted the US military was succeeding in Afghanistan and Iraq despite a private admission from Donald Rumsfeld, the defence secretary, that both rebuilding efforts would be 'a long, hard slog'."

These lying reporters can't seem to get it right. "despite a private admission"? Only a paid liar could get it that wrong. Why can't the war against terrorism be succeeding and still be a "long, hard, slog"? Only the sissies who grew up in the sixties and seventies, the Clinton generation, demand instant gratification, from sex to war. They want it NOW. Let's hope none of them get in charge of the war on terrorism. They have no stomach for the "long, hard slog." The person who wrote this article has no moral fiber. You cannot trust such people even if they are on your side.

President Bush and all of his administration warned us that it would be a long struggle. But then, this reporter has a political agenda--to get Democrats elected, even if the nation goes to hell. There is no honor, no integrity, no honesty, and, yes, no patriotism. The hatred for Bush is palpable--by those who preach sweetness and light. No wonder these people are against the Ten Commandments--there is something there about the sin of lying, and they make their living at it. Shame, shame, shame. No wonder they want to redefine patriotism to mean lying about your leaders to get your own people elected. But the covers are too short and the bed is too narrow.
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