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Saturday, October 25, 2003

Lou Dobbs must be really getting old. He uses the same old and tired and exploded scare tactics of overpopulation to try to stampede us into giving government more control over our lives [translation: loss of liberty]. There is no overpopulation, of course, except where government controls economic activity.

The idea of overpopulation was exploded years ago, of course. R. J. Rushdoony's little booklet on The Myth of Overpopulation, if you can find it is a good first read. Liberals always think that problems can be solved by attacking the productive, the unborn, and the aged.

U.S. News: Lou Dobbs: The melting pot overflows(10/27/03): "As individuals and as a nation, we're defined by the choices we make. And too often, by the tough decisions we avoid. Most of us have avoided even thinking about how our rapidly growing population is affecting our quality of life and shaping our society."
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