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Sunday, October 19, 2003

Paul Jacobs on the money. Click on the link.

Paul Jacob: Rush to Judge Rush Gives Critics a Rush: "Rush Limbaugh was never in the Calvinist mold of social critic. Does he pursue Excellence in Broadcasting? Yes. Is he bombastic? Yes. Does he speechify with deep and rolling voice? Yes. Is he ever at a loss for words? Rarely. Is he right-on in his critique of culture, society and politics? At least 55 percent of the time.

But he never claimed to be perfect. Never claimed to a 'moral paragon' or 'the epitome of virtue'--unless with a transparent, rollicking facetiousness that only someone deliberately attempting to misconstrue could misconstrue. The sad truth is that his foes not only want Rush to eat humble pie, they want to shove his face in it. They indict only themselves thereby, not Rush Limbaugh. "
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