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Thursday, October 23, 2003

So now the Christian is "extreme and pernicious" "close-minded, zealous" to those whose minds are so empty the wind of every doctrine and vacuity blows through the vacant spaces. It is now "hatred" to confess faith in the Lord Jesus and His doctrine. Click on the link to read the whole article.

Larry Elder: The 'religious zealot' double standard: "Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Joseph Lieberman asked President Bush to denounce Boykin's 'hateful remarks,' adding, 'The war on terrorism is a war on terrorists, not religions. The Bush administration, which claims to understand that, needs to condemn anyone who says otherwise.' Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., said, 'It is outrageous that someone who holds such extreme, close-minded, zealous views would be allowed such a prominent position in our military.' An editorial in Investor's Business Daily notes that 'A (Los Angeles) Times reporter called Boykin's comments 'extreme and pernicious.' NBC's Tom Brokaw termed them 'divisive.' ABC and CBS referred to him as a 'holy warrior.''"
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