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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

When does it become theft?
Because I am well into my "seasoned" years, and my own drug expenses are getting more each year, it would, on paper, seem to be much to my advantage to support prescription coverage under medicare. But I don't. For one thing, it would entangle government even more in drug research and development. How are the drug companies to recoup their research dollars. Can't you just hear, "They are ripping off the taxpayer!!" It is a continuing mystery to me why people think they can get it cheaper if the government pays for it. It costs what it costs, people. Pay it, or do without. The only way for something to pass in to your possession morally is if they give it to you of if you exchange something you own for it. Ain't no other way. Robbing Hood don't count. It's not a gift if he robs someone else to give it to you. Who is paying your drug bill if you aren't? Huh?? Same person that pays your rent, your school, your welfare check, your walking around money, etc.

National Taxpayers Union - Press Release - Taxpayer Groups Oppose Medicare Drug Benefit, 2003-10-28: "As lawmakers face renewed White House pressure to finalize legislation that would create a prescription drug benefit in the Medicare system, a joint statement by 38 citizen groups representing millions of Americans warned Congress today that taxpayers will be trampled in the rush to create a new entitlement program. The non-partisan National Taxpayers Union (NTU) organized the coalition effort."
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