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Saturday, November 08, 2003

But what do you expect? When people turn evil into good [ordaining sodomites], then they must turn good into evil. Men have a choice in whether or not to honor God, but they have no choice in the consequences to their thought in choosing the evil. Would the gay-lovers dismiss a bishop for not believing that sodomites should be ordained? No, of course not; it is insubordination that gets him. Remember, a great many Christians died at the hands of Rome--not because they were Christians, for Rome was tolerant, kind, benevolent, broadminded, gentle, and sweet. They just killed Christians for treason [insubordination], because they insisted on making truth-claims concerning God, and everyone knew that you shouldn't do that. All religions were tolerated by the mild, broadminded, and benevolent policies of Rome, but Christians were a nuisance because they believe they knew what the truth was. O well, some things never change. : Priest Who Clashed Over Gay Bishop Ousted: "An Episcopal priest who clashed repeatedly with the Diocese of New Hampshire over its election of a gay bishop has been removed from his church.
The Rev. Donald Wilson was dismissed from the Church of the Redeemer after responding in an 'insubordinate way' to a request to meet with Bishop Douglas Theuner, Theuner told Wilson in a letter."
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