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Friday, November 07, 2003

We have looked the other way for years at the Anti-semitism and fasckism of the Islamic states. Allies of Hitler in WWII, they built Hitler style dictatorship in their own lands. A man can get removed from any serious consideration as a candidate for any public office in the US by making a mild statement that has a faint odor of anit-semitism, but we have counted as allies some of the most despicable of characters. I do not believe that the Jews are God's chosen people--the chosen are in Jesus Christ--but the average Jew is intelligent, moral, decent, law-abiding, and a lover of democracy. I am for Israel because they support America and liberty. The "Three: 59 per cent of Europeans think Israel is the biggest threat to world peace. Only 59 per cent? What’s wrong with the rest of you? But, hey, don’t worry. In Britain, it’s 60 per cent; Germany, 65 per cent; Austria, 69 per cent; the Netherlands, 74 per cent. The good news is that Israel won’t be a threat to world peace much longer, at least not if Iran’s nuclear programme carries on running rings around the International Atomic Energy Agency and the ayatollahs fulfil their pledge to solve the problem of the Zionist Entity once and for all. "
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