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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

These were the guys, if I remember correctly, who thought that Reagan was a cowboy, and that Bush was the wise old statesman. Well, maybe so, but if Bush policies had been followed by Reagan, there would have been no tax cuts, no prosperity, and no winning of the Cold War. It's the Eastern elite wing of the Republican Party that never gets it right--that loses by diplomacy what the cowboys win in the field. But maybe it will be different this time, and Dubya will be all right. - Bush I and Bush II - They Do It Half-Right: "Yet just as the elder Bush strayed from success on economic policy, so the younger Bush has veered from the tried-and-true on foreign policy. After 9/11, he correctly destroyed al-Qaida in Afghanistan. But then, grossly misreading the lessons of history - indeed, the lessons of his own father - he ruined alliances, created new enemies through reckless rhetoric and plunged into the dry quagmire of Iraq."
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