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Friday, December 19, 2003 - Top Stories - Sunnis Don't Believe Saddam Was Captured: "In this restive city and across Iraq's Sunni heartland, many Saddam loyalists refuse to believe that a disheveled and bearded man in U.S. captivity is their ousted leader, whose 23-year rule boosted their position as the country's political elite."

Hey, these guys are acting like American conspiratorial theorists! You know, FDR knew about the attack on Pearl Harbor before the attack occurred; that Ike was a communist who aided and abetted communism; that the American moon landing was staged in Hollywood; that the "eye" in the pyramid on American money is the proof that Zionist Illuminati control the U.S., and the Jews dominate higher education and the media, and that the Red Chinese are massing troops in Mexico, that Dubya and his Attorney General are subverting the Constitution to remove Habeas Corpus, etc. etc.

It is true, that when people depart from the true history of the world as is set forth in the Holy Scriptures, they have to devise some other story to explain what is going on--if the Living God doesn't rule in the affair of men, then some dark force must. Of course, if you accept God as the Ruler, then you have to reconcile that with the problem of evil, which the Bible does. The evil is because man is under the curse of Adam's sin. But if you accept the truth that it is God, and He is not a dark force, then there must be something wrong with mankind. That is the simple truth. Man lies under the curse of God because of Adam's sin, but under the promise of blessing through faith in the Gospel, that Jesus Christ is the Last Adam who came to gain an eternal inheritance for those who believe and thus escape the curse of Adam's sin.

You don't have to believe the Gospel if you don't want to, but you cannot escape the consequences to your thought and world view if you reject it. Either way, you must deal with Jesus Christ.

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