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Monday, December 15, 2003

Truth has a way of breaking in and demolishing the lies. The liar thinks he can establish for himself and others a world different from reality. This world exists only in his imagination, but he thinks that he can etch it on other people's imaginations also.

But this can only be successful for a time. Truth is the daughter of time, someone once wrote. Truth will out, is the way our grandfathers put it. The man who paid the families of suicide children in Palestine has been shown to be a coward, not believing enough in his own cause to die fighting for it. There is something fitting about thinking that Saddam's last hours of freedom were spent in a "spider" hide a few hundred yards from one of the great, luxurious palaces that he built with money stolen from the Iraqi people.

One day in my childhood, I was complained to my grandfather about a bully at my school. He told not to fret, that bullies are cowards. The bully terrorizes others because he is really afraid of people and thinks that they will respect him only if he beats them up. Saddam has finally demonstrated to the world that this is true. He would send children on suicide missions to blow up Jews, but he himself will cower in a rat hole, seeking to hang on to his worthless life.

One again, we have it demonstrated to us that not all human beings are of equal value. The value of a human being is established by the moral and ethical choices that he makes. When will the world learn? Jonathan Gurwitz: "Britain's Sunday Telegraph reported that the new Iraqi government has uncovered documentary proof that Mohamed Atta, mastermind of the 9-11 attacks, was trained in Baghdad by the Palestinian terrorist Abu Nidal. That Abu Nidal was for two decades an honored guest of the Baathist regime ought to be enough to demonstrate the ineluctable connection of Saddam with international terrorism. "
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