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Friday, December 19, 2003

Two weeks ago I downloaded a new driver for my monitor--I don't know why, but probably because the computer never performs to our satisfaction. At the end of the download, when I was instructed to restart the computer, it went into a loop and never would boot. After wasting about a day trying to make something work--it wouldn't even recognize the rescue disk I had made a few days before.

I finally took the whole thing to a bunch of kids at a computer repair place and they fixed me up. I had acquired a variant of the blaster worm. I had a good fire wall and a good virus system, but something happened, no one seems to know why.

Anyway, my computer had to be rebuilt and reloaded, and so that is where I have been for the past two weeks. I managed to read a little news, make a few comments, but mostly I was loading, unloading, uploading, and reloading. Seems as if it is working pretting good now. I appreciate all of you who have continued to browse in this fig orchard, even though it has been rather barren lately. Keep coming back, tell your friends, put a link on your website, and God bless you very much.

I have also been able to update the Trinity Church website, and recent sermons on Christmas are posted there. Try the link on "recent sermons' at the right.
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