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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Reuters | Latest Financial News / Full News Coverage "British use of cluster bombs in the Iraq war could count as a war crime and justifies further investigation by the International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor in the Hague, a group of international lawyers say."

Cluster bombs a war crime? What about Islamic clerics calling down the wrath of Allah? Wouldn't that be unfair and cruel? "Lawful" weapons have been a subject of debate ever since Hercules dipped his arrows in the poisoned blood of the Hydra. Some of the ancients thought that the use of arrows were cowardly because a RealMan would look into the eyes of his opponent and dispatch him with an honorable weapon like a dagger or a sword.

Even left-handed people were not completely honorable, and it was "sinister" [from the Latin for "left"] to strike with a dagger in the left hand.

But to attack from the distance with bow and arrow was cowardly, to the honorable warrior. How much more despicable was it to use chemical weapons, like poisoned arrows or poisoned water supplies. They even used biological weapons, catapulting the bodies of plague victims into besieged cities.

But just like negative ads in political campaigns, they will continue to be used, simply because they work.

Moral: Dear President Bush. It is unnecessary to defend yourself concerning Iraq. Too much was made of WMD's from the beginning. The UN, Bill Clinton, and a great many other said he had them, and he wouldn't let inspectors do their work. That is enough. Besides, Saddam was an international criminal and a thoroughly bad guy. We don't have to kill them all the bad guys, but we have to kill one once in a while, or we get no respect. That is simple. Every American, except those who have spent much too much time in coastal elite colleges, will understand that.
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