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Thursday, January 22, 2004

ScienceDaily News Release: Obesity Costs States Billions In Medical Expenses: '�Obesity has become a crucial health problem for our nation, and these findings show that the medical costs alone reflect the significance of the challenge,' said HHS Secretary Tommy G. Thompson. 'Of course the ultimate cost to Americans is measured in chronic disease and early death. We must take responsibility both as individuals and working together to reduce the health toll associated with obesity.'"

O dear! O dear! O dear! These incessant liberal meddlers in other peoples' business want everybody to be as nervous, skinny, obsessed, stingy and unhappy as they are. Now that government is paying more and more for health care, it becomes more and more the business of government workers [mostly liberal meddlers] to stick their noses into everyone's life, to make sure they are eating healthy food--whatever that means at any particular time. Before Atkins, hotcakes with no butter or bacon or eggs or cream in the coffee, but plenty of syrup and orange juice, was a good and healthy breakfast. Now we ditch the orange juice, the hotcakes, and the syrup, and eat the eggs, the bacon, and the butter.

Who can we sue?
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