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Monday, January 19, 2004

Suzanne Fields: The witless challenge the wits: "Conservatives have been winning the culture war because the soldiers of the left are firing mostly blanks. Comedian Dennis Miller, who's getting a new talk show on CNBC, tells why he slid to the right. 'Well, can you blame me?' he asks the New York Times. 'One of the biggest malfeasances of the left right now is the mislabeling of (Bush as) Hitler.'
Mocking the horrors of the Holocaust has become a cottage industry in the dark corners of the anti-Semitic world, but who could have believed that in 60 years references to the Nazis would be played for laughs. An anti-Bush Web site parodies Time magazine's Person of the Year, pasting a swastika on the arm of an American soldier."

The average American knows stupidity when he sees it. The liberal elite may despise "flyover" country, but the "flyover" people listen to Rush, vote for Bush, and don't think either of them is Hitler. They didn't go to elite coastal colleges and universities to be brainwashed out of common sense. They also know the difference between weakness [addiction to prescription pain medicine] and evil [rape and child molestation]. They live with and tolerate the first; they abhor the second. They also know that McDonalds is not the cause of their overweight, and they don't sue if they are stupid enough to spill hot coffee on themselves. They will never be convinced that killing millions of people is a legitimate way to achieve a political agenda, but they have always sent the best of their children to defend liberty, even at the cost of hundreds of thousands.
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