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Thursday, February 26, 2004 - Foxlife - Stern: 'They Are So Afraid of Me': "'They are so afraid of me and what this show represents,' Stern said Thursday during his popular radio program, which is still airing in many cities. "
Why, oh, why. Why are people so egotistical that they think that people who disagree with them are afraid of them. Now we will have a new phobia, Sternophobia, to go along with homophobia and other pop-psychology disorders. We are not afraid of you, Mr. Stern, we just find you disgusting. If I find a slug in my basement, it does not inspire fear, but disgust. Neither are we afraid of sodomites. We oppose sodomite marriage because it is immoral, disgusting, and wicked. It isn't fear of sodomy that drives us; it is the fear of God.
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