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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Peter Wood on Diversity & Colorado University on National Review Online: "At the very least, however, the CU football scandal demonstrates how ethically shallow the diversity doctrine really is. The 'respect' for other people it fosters on campus stops with the officially recognized identity groups. Funding for identity politics at CU is exceptionally generous, and everyone knows how to play the grievance game. But as for a more encompassing sense of treating other people decently, well that's just not what the exquisite pseudo-ethics of diversity are all about.
Is there a lesson beyond the sleepy complacency of the CU Boulder administrators who were too busy refining the diversity message to notice what else was going on their campus? I suggest this: that legislators who want state college and university sports to be genuinely character building had better be prepared to look past the clich�s and platitudes of campus administrators who try to calm every worry with the vacuous answer that they stand for the highest ethical standards and diversity. Nobody can stand for both. "
Ain't it the truth.
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