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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Mercury News: Bay Area news, technology, jobs, cars & real estate: "She added that her husband would vote against such an amendment if it were introduced in the Senate, and that while he supports same-sex civil unions, Kerry believes defining marriage should be a question left to the states."
Senator--would/be--President--Kerry is no fool. He knows that leaving the definition of marriage to the states means leaving it to Massachusetts or California. He knows that the US Constitution requires that the actions in one state must be recognized in every other state--what is known as the full faith and credit provision of the U. S. Constitution.

So now that we have it confirmed that Senator Kerry is a liar, do we want him as President? Come out and be honest, Senator Kerry, if you still know how.

By the way, he and his cronies wouldn't believe that the states should define slavery or its legality, would they? Or would they?
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