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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Gary Aldrich: Clear choice: "But Senator Kerry articulated the most important difference between a Democrat and a second Bush term when he spoke to firefighters in Oklahoma at a campaign stop over the weekend. He made it clear that if elected president, he would adopt the prior Clinton administration policies related to terrorism, treating most terrorist acts as violations of law, suitable for investigation by the FBI."

This is reason enough not to elect Kerry. The liberals love the court system. Sixty years of liberalism has so corrupted the courts that four jerky judges in Massachusetts think they have the right to overturn thousands of years of the popular opinion of what marriage is; that criminals have the right to use every bit of obstruction and trickery to evade the law; that deep pockets [like Microsoft and McDonalds and the tobacco companies] exist to enrich the legal profession. So it is natural that the lawyers want a piece of the action on terrorism. Who cares about the country if we can make some money.
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